Modernizing your AngularJs Code overnight 

We take care of your repetitive technical tasks while you focus on new features


Do you need to migrate/upgrade your AngularJs code?

Logic Flow has built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot which automates repetitive code translation tasks. The AI Bot works similar to “Google Translate”; based on deep learning and neural networks. It assesses the business logic of the current code, translates the code (fully automated) into the new coding language and runs test cases (unit & integration tests). Then, the expert team of Logic Flow will run a review/quality assurance with the client to check that the newly migrated code works. 

How will your company benefit from Logic Flow?

Increased productivity

Don't waste your developers time on fixing bad code or manually migrating code. Our AI bot automates all the repetitive tasks when migrating from AngularJs to the latest Angular version. Our team of Angular experts work hand in hand with the AI bot to ensure the highest quality

Minimal disruption

Struggling to execute the migration while having continued developments at the same time? Our AI decouples the migration process from your teams continued development of new features

Shorter migration period

The code migration takes only a fraction of the time as it is fully automated and based on deep learning

Best practice migration

We offer a best practice migration, as our AI bot follows the official migration guidelines from Google


Automated code assessment

Our AI bot estimates the effort and complexity of the code migration and determines the optimal migration path

Automated execution

Our AI bot executes all repetitive migration tasks, enabling major time and cost savings for our Angular experts that assure quality and take care of project specific migration tasks


Our AI bot compares the old and newly migrated application across the entire user workflow, ensuring that the migration did not break any existing features

On-premise execution

Our AI bot can run on your premise, so your code never leaves your secure environment and therefore fulfills all your security and compliance requirements


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